Statistics with RStudio

This repository contains the teaching material for the introductory course NGS Statistics with R, developed for the Aviesan Bioinformatics School (Ecole de Bioinformatique Aviesan) -- Roscoff (France)

This course has been conceived to provide life science researchers and engineers with a first contact to statistical analysis of NGS data using the statistical package R, under the RStudio environment.

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[Download RStudio desktop]
RStudio VM at IFB cloud
Open an instance of R statistical computing (2016-02)
(login/passwd: ruser/ruser)
R and RStudio Cheat Sheets


  1. R - bash bilinguism [html] [pdf] [Rmd]


  1. Opening an RStudio session [html] [pdf] [Rmd]
  2. First steps with R [html] [pdf] [R code] [Rmd]
  3. R in 1h45 (Hugo Varet) [html] [pdf] [R code] [Rmd]
  4. GTF file exercise (Hugo Varet) [R code]
  5. ChIP-seq peak-calling: tutorial [html] [pdf] [R code] [Rmd]
  6. ChIP-seq peak-calling: commented report [html] [pdf] [R code] [Rmd]
  7. Exploring RNA-seq counts [html] [pdf] [R code] [Rmd]

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